Fire Department Staff

Wade Simmons Fire Chief

Wade Simmons, Chief of Department

Scott Cribbs Deputy Fire Chief

Scott Cribbs, Deputy Fire Chief

Trent Eichman - Assistant Fire Chief

Trent Eichmann, Training Chief

Stacy Weston - Fire Coordinator

Stacy Weston, Fire Coordinator

Jimmy Waters, Lead Mechanic

A-Shift Personnel

Bradley Brooks Lieutenant

Bradley Brooks, Lieutenant

Josh Daniels Lieutenant

Josh Daniels, Lieutenant

Steven Reid FAO / Firefighter

Steven Reid, FAO/Firefighter

Jackie Howell AOIC

Jackie Howell, FAO/Firefighter

Gary Lewis FAO / Firefighter

Gary Lewis, FAO/Firefighter

Ricky Merritt FAO / Firefighter

Ricky Merritt, FAO/Firefighter

Tyler Cook FAO / Firefighter

Tyler Cook, FAO/Firefighter

Hunter Bargeron Firefighter

Hunter Bargeron, Firefighter

Eddie Pochet Firefighter

Eddie Pochet, Firefighter

Cameron Conner Firefighter

Cameron Conner, Firefighter

Hunter Bargeron Firefighter

Jacob Wisniewski, Firefighter

Eddie Pochet Firefighter

Ian Schulte, Firefighter

B-Shift Personnel

Randy Williams Captain

Randy Williams, Captain

Brooks Sammons Lieutenant

Brooks Sammons, Lieutenant

Michael Green Lieutenant

Michael Green, Lieutenant

Jeremy Batayias Lieutenant

Jeremy Batayias, Lieutenant

Chris Stock FAO / Firefighter

Chris Stock, FAO/Firefighter

Jack Jackson FAO / Firefighter

Jack Jackson, FAO/Firefighter

Garrison Roberts FAO / Firefighter

Garrison Roberts, FAO/Firefighter

David Robinson FAO / Firefighter

David Robinson, FAO/Firefighter

Daniel Anderson FAO / Firefighter

Daniel Anderson, Firefighter

Sean Zealy Firefighter

Sean Zealy, Firefighter

Drake Monticelli Firefighter

Drake Monticelli, Firefighter

Tevin Drysdale Firefighter

Tevin Drysdale, Firefighter

Kelli Miller Firefighter

Kelli Miller, Firefighter

Tim Brady Firefighter

Tim Brady, Firefighter

C-Shift Personnel

Michael Fort Captain

Michael Fort, Captain

James Gannon Lieutenant

James Gannon, Lieutenant

Tim Wilson Lieutenant

Tim Wilson, Lieutenant

Josh Rodriguez Lieutenant

Josh Rodriguez, Lieutenant

Chad King Firefighter

Chad King, FAO/Firefighter

Jacob Moreland FAO / Firefighter

Jacob Moreland, FAO/Firefighter

Josh Israel Firefighter

Josh Israel, FAO/Firefighter

Charles Dennis FAO / Firefighter

Charles Dennis, FAO/Firefighter

Aaron Willis FAO / Firefighter

Aaron Willis, FAO/Firefighter

Wolfgang Nomayer Firefighter

Wolfgang Nomayer, FAO/Firefighter

Nick Martin FAO / Firefighter

Nick Martin, FAO/Firefighter

Daniel Hatcher Firefighter

Daniel Hatcher, Firefighter

Derek Cronsell, Firefighter

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City Hall: (912) 748-7261
Police Department: (912) 748-7333