Planning & Zoning

Under the Planning & Development umbrella, Planning & Zoning is responsible for creating balanced development regulations, engaging in economic and community development initiatives, and applying sustainable planning practices. The department maintains the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance and maps that provide the policy and regulatory bases for land use and development as mandated by state and local laws.

Zoning Map – Aerial
Zoning Map – No Aerial

Beginning April 1, 2024, all Planning & Zoning forms and applications will utilize an online submission portal. Please note that while hard-copy submissions will still be accepted, digital copies of documents may also be required. Additionally, certain digital submissions will still require provision of hard-copy documents, i.e., development plans, plats for recording, bonds, etc.

In order to access the portal, users will need to register an account in the system. Individual accounts are issued to users; however, users may need to added additional named contacts to a project in order to provide them access to view or amend. As such, firms that have multiple users and wish to coordinate the submission process are encouraged to create and utilize a shared email address for the organization.


Nicole Johnson
Director of Planning & Development
Planning & Development


Kimberly Dyer
Zoning Administrator
Planning & Development