Public Notice | Council Approves Main Street Master Plan

In an exciting stride towards revitalizing Pooler’s historic heart, the unveiling of the Main Street Master Plan marks a significant chapter in the city’s development. The study zeroes in on the US Highway 80 corridor, a vital 1.75-mile stretch that runs through the historic center between Chestnut and Reed. Known as Louisville Road in its historic context, and more commonly recognized as “Main Street”, this corridor spans the area between Pooler Parkway and Interstate 95.

The Master Plan provides a comprehensive roadmap for the sustainable growth of this corridor and is an opportunity to set achievable goals that will guide the evolution of Pooler’s Main Street into a thriving hub. Key objectives include:

  • Leveraging History and Resources: By tapping into the rich historical context and available resources, the plan aims to create a narrative that not only preserves the essence of the Main Street but also showcases its unique heritage.
  • Attracting Business, Jobs, and Residents: The plan strives to position Main Street as a magnet for businesses, job opportunities, and a vibrant community. This includes creating an environment that is conducive to both work and leisure.
  • Recommendations for Improvements: Offering specific recommendations for enhancements, the plan seeks to elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of Main Street. This encompasses everything from infrastructure improvements to encouraging quality design and development along the corridor.

You can view the Master Plan online here. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting venture!