March 2nd Council Meeting Change

Please note the March 2nd council meeting has been changed to Tuesday March 3rd

Important 2020 Census Information

The 2020 Census will begin on April 1st. The City of Pooler strongly encourages you to participate in this nationwide effort. Please go to or for more information.”

Non Drought Water Use Schedule

Non-drought Outdoor Water Use Schedule

Non-Drought Schedule

The Georgia Water Stewardship Act went into effect statewide on June 2, 2010.  It allows daily outdoor watering for purposes of planting, growing, managing, or maintaining ground cover, trees, shrubs, or other plants only between the hours of 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. by anyone whose water is supplied by a water system permitted by the Environmental Protection Division. 

The following outdoor water uses also are allowed daily at any time of the day by anyone:

  • Commercial agricultural operations as defined in Code Section 1-3-3;
  • Capture and reuse of cooling system condensate or storm water in compliance with applicable local ordinances and state guidelines;
  • Reuse of gray water in compliance with Code Section 31-3-5.2 and applicable local board of health regulations adopted pursuant thereto;
  • Use of reclaimed waste water by a designated user from a system permitted by the Environmental Protection Division of the department to provide reclaimed waste water;
  • Irrigation of personal food gardens;
  • Irrigation of new and replanted plant, seed, or turf in landscapes, golf courses, or sports turf fields during installation and for a period of 30 days immediately following the date of installation;
  • Drip irrigation or irrigation using soaker hoses;
  • Handwatering with a hose with automatic cutoff or handheld container;
  • Use of water withdrawn from private water wells or surface water by an owner or operator of property if such well or surface water is on said property;
  • Irrigation of horticultural crops held for sale, resale, or installation;
  • Irrigation of athletic fields, golf courses, or public turf grass recreational areas;
  • Installation, maintenance, or calibration of irrigation systems; or
  • Hydroseeding.

Pooler is one of the safest cities in the state!

Pooler is one of the safest cities in Georgia according to the 2019 Safest Cities in Georgia Report! Click here to see where we rank against other cities in the state.

New Regulations for Residential Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning.

All burning operations in the city shall comply with the “Rules for Air Quality Control” chapter 391-3-1 as written and amended by the Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Air Protection Branch unless specifically modified herein.

No person shall cause, suffer, allow or permit open burning in any area of the city without a permit issued by the Georgia Forestry Commission, in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 12-6-90.

The following activities are allowed after a permit is issued:

  1. Residential Property Maintenance

Burning of leaf piles and other “natural vegetation” such as trees, shrubbery and pine straw on the premises on which they fall by the person in control of the premises are permitted, subject to the described restrictions:

  1. No burn pile shall be larger than six feet (6’) in diameter by two feet (2’) high.  There shall be 10 feet between burn piles.  The location for open burning shall not be less than 50 feet from any structure (house, accessory structure, fence, public utility) on piles three feet (3’) to five feet (5’) in diameter and 25 feet where the pile size is three feet (3’) or less in diameter and two feet (2’) or less in height.  All fires must be constantly attended by a competent person 16 years of age or older with the ability to extinguish the fire.  There shall be no more than two (2) burn piles at any time.  No burning of this type will be authorized when the humidity is less than 25 percent or the winds are greater than 10 mph, as provided on the Georgia Forestry Commission daily “wind speed” and “humidity” database (  Failure to comply with these rules which results is an uncontrolled fire or a valid complaint that requires the response of the fire department, will result in the fire being immediately extinguished. 

Welcome the new chief of police Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown was born and raised in Pooler, Ga., leaving temporarily but always returning home. A graduate of Groves High School and Armstrong State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Brown has proudly served with the Savannah Police Department for the last twenty-four years on various departments such as; Undercover Vice, Homicide, and Patrol. Through hard work and commitment Brown was able to work his way through the ranks to become Captain within the department. During his time as Captain he was in command of patrol precincts as well as a variety of specialized units, such as the End Gun Violence program. Grateful for the opportunity he has been given of coming home to Pooler as our new Chief, Brown states that he is happy to get started on this new adventure and eager to serve his home town.


Utility Billing has moved to city hall

Utility Billing is now located on the second floor of city hall. With the seperation from Public Works, their numbers have changed. 
Public Works: (912) 330-8650
Utility Billing: (912) 748-4800

Stay Informed on Ordinances

In an effort to maintain the quality of Pooler and to manage the unprecedented growth Pooler seeks to constantly improve the ordinances that guide our city.  To stay informed of these changes, please check back often.

The entire Code of Ordinances and amendments is available online.  Recent amendments are listed in the center of the page, with the existing ordinances listed in index format on the left side.  Please review them here at your convenience.

Fire Protection Application

It’s time to renew your Fire Protection Coverage Agreement with Pooler Fire-Rescue.
Unincorporated Chatham County residents of Berwick Lakes and Hampton Place subdivisions are subject to this Fire Protection Coverage Agreement.
Please complete the application and submit with payment to Pooler City Hall, 100 SW Highway 80, Pooler, GA 31322.
Please note **Fire Protection Coverage Agreement with Pooler Fire-Rescue DOES NOT coordinate with your home owners insurance policy coverage dates, our coverage agreement is for the calendar year January-December** ALL PREVIOUS FIRE PROTECTION COVERAGE EXPIRED DECEMBER 31, 2019 Please contact Stacy Weston, Fire Coordinator at 912-748-7012 if you have any questions.

Click HERE to view and download the application. 

Planning and Zoning Meeting Time

The Planning & Zoning Commission has changed the meeting time from 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • The meetings will still be held on every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, in the Council Chambers located on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

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